Sale conditions

- the owner must be of legal age and competent to perform legal acts

- there is only one official and documented owner.

- All members of the household must agree with the purchase of a dog. If you live in a rent, the property owner and all residents must give consent.

- When having a dog, the owner must follow the laws of the country (eg rabies vaccination, fee for keeping a dog, wearing a registration mark, cleaning feces, chipping, walking only on a leash, etc.)

- in case you will not be able to take care of the dog for serious reasons, we reserve the option to buy. We can arrange hand over to the new owner or owner of the kennel, but only after my written consent and personal acquaintance with the new owner. The new owner has to meet all our requirements we place on the owners of our bred puppies. It is forbidden to sell or donate the dog to shelters, breeders and dealers. In case of violation, a fine will be enforced.

- the owner undertakes to provide the dog with all necessary physical and mental care needed for its health and satisfaction. Physical punishments are inadmissible (except in cases of assault).

- the provision of proper veterinary assistance: regular preventive check-ups, vaccinations, deworming and heart listening. If you do not manage on your own, then, for example, also cutting claws, cleaning ears or anal glands, etc. In case of an acute problem or just a suspicion, the owner must immediately seek veterinary help and pay for any necessary interventions and care. Economic demands must not be a reason not to undergo a treatment. When dealing with possible health issues, he will follow exclusively the advice of a veterinarian, not the "advice" from Facebook, etc. He will also use medicines prescripted by a veterinarian in the given amount and duration, it is necessary and crucial for successful treatment. Under no circumstances should such treatment be replaced by alternatives such as tea, homeopathy, prayer, reiki, crystals, MMS and other unscientific pseudomethods. Similar procedures can only be used as a supplement with my written consent, with the consent of a veterinarian and must not be contraindicated with ongoing treatment. Any invasive interventions for aesthetic reasons changing the exterior of the dog are prohibited, which includes, for example, straightening teeth (except for health reasons), docking of ears or tail, etc. The owner must take proper care of the dog until its last day, incl. palliative care. Eventual euthanasia (killing) is possible only if a dog is acutely dying or suffering from unbearable pain and only with the consent of a veterinarian. In case of chronic problems, this solution would require the recommendation of a veterinarian and my written consent. The owner also has a notification obligation regarding any health problems of the dog. In addition to the fact that we wish to know this, in some cases feedback can be important for our breeding.

- the owner declares that he has a sufficient financial reserve for unplanned veterinary expenses or compensation for any damage caused by the dog

- the dog must have a collar with a dog tag when moving outside. The older generation is not used to chips and a potential finder may not think that the owner can be identified in this way.

- the use of a dog for breeding is possible only with my written consent and this variant must be consulted before booking a puppy. Not every puppy is suitable for breeding! In this case, we can recommend a more suitable puppy. Only breeding of dogs with an FCI certificate of origin will be allowed. In this case, it will be necessary to meet all the conditions set by the FCI and regional breeders' organizations in the country of residence of the dog. This includes, for example, the health of the dog, successful bonitation, the minimum and maximum age of the breeding bitch, the maximum number of litters per year and the maximum number of litters per life. Breeding without PP is strictly forbidden! If a bitch expects puppies without PP, either intentionally or unintentionally, castration and a fine will be enforced.

- When the dog is an adult, it will participate at least once in a club or international show of my choice at the age of 3 years.

- When the dog is an adult, we want to see him at least once at the age of 3 years or by appointment, look at him, palpate, and take a picture. Selected photos will be published on this website, or on related sites for the promotion and presentation of our breeding. The meeting place can be arranged, for example, during the above-mentioned exhibition or during the planned trip to you or us. If this is not possible, the owner will visit us with his dog.

- The owner undertakes to stay in regular contact with us throughout the dog's life. All you have to do is send a short message about how the dog is doing and attach a photo.

- reporting obligation for an unfavorable state of health of the dog or planned interventions, possible (in)successful bonitation, results of exhibitions or loss or death of the dog.

- The dog should be alone as little as possible. If necessary, get him another dog friend.

- The dog needs to be regularly fed a quality food. We divide food for an adult dog into 2-3 doses a day, puppies up to 4-6 doses a day. The dog is the so-called omnivorous carnivore. The optimal share of meat in the food is 60-80%. If you opt for BARF, it is necessary to study this issue thoroughly and pay close attention to the correct balance of nutrients. It is completely inadmissible to feed a dog a vegetarian / vegan diet, because it does not meet the physiological needs of the dog and I consider it abuse.

- Walks are very important for a dog, even if you have a garden. Exercise is necessary for proper physical development and optimal physical condition.

- at least once in a lifetime take photos by a professional dog-oriented photographer (I will validate photographer's choice) at the age of 3 years or as otherwise agreed. 1 photo in show position from left side, 1 photo in show position from right side, 1 photo in trot from left side, 1 photo of head detail from left profile, 1 photo of face from front, photo of face from partial profile and 4 photos of natural, snapshots or in motion.


These conditions and others will be part of the purchase contract